You loved Ewan McGregor on Wednesday. Today he’s back for more.

Ewan appeared on Regis & Kelly yesterday – screen shots attached. Then he and his wife Eve flew to LA, photographed with their bags arriving at LAX. Ewan, in a jaunty hat, took care of the cart as he led them out of the arrivals area. Am not sure if I approve of their luggage. The blue is fine. The black on the bottom has no wheels. This is hard on the shoulder because there’s no way of pulling it.

I’m obsessed with travel habits. My own and others. Because people travel so inefficiently. I don’t want Ewan to be an inefficient traveller. He doesn’t seem like he would be. Or maybe he’s just inefficient when he’s travelling as a celebrity away from his motorbike. And celebrities don’t have to be efficient. They pay other people to be efficient for them.

For instance, Ewan and Eva they would have packed some dress clothes, presumably for their Amelia promotion? In those duffels those clothes would be wrinkled. If it were me I’d be neurotic about this. I’d think about it the entire plane ride. Then I’d rip my dress out the first possible chance and stress about where to get it pressed.

Celebrities don’t have to worry about these things. Magically someone will appear with a steamer. And a lint brush. And there will be a fruit plate. And after a few grapes, the wrinkles will be gone. This is why it’s so hard listening to them complain about the rigours of their lives. At least they don’t have to f-cking iron.

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