He was in New York last night at the Darker Side of Green debate hanging out with Tracy Morgan among others on the day that it was announced his new film Beginners will screen at the Toronto International Film Festival. Ewan McGregor was last at TIFF in 2009 for The Men Who Stare at Goats and before that for Cassandra’s Dream with Colin Farrell. I remember being really excited to interview him at the Chanel party and getting totally distracted by the eyef-cking that Colin was giving Sasha, which meant that Ewan meandered off without us noticing, or caring.

Intriguingly enough, Ewan’s Beginners also stars Melanie Laurent. Remember this action with Melanie Laurent? Wonder if they’ll be bringing that action to the festival. He probably been told however to keep his business locked down tight, much tighter especially on official promotion.

Photos from Wenn.com and Michael Loccisano/Gettyimages.com