This is Ewan McGregor, hot as f-ck, today at the Berlin Film Festival with Pierce Brosnan and co-stars promoting The Ghost Writer. As you know, Ewan was just seen in Paris, hand in hand and lovey dovey with Melanie Laurent. He will have been told that those photos were disseminated. And yet he’s at the press conference, nothing to run from, nothing to hide. It’s just not his style. And as I wrote yesterday – click here for a refresher – this whole thing could very well be THEIR style. He and his wife. Many of you still insist that it’s disrespectful for him to flaunt it in the open, even if he and Eve have established some kind of relationship. But the paps don’t follow Eve. That could be the difference. Maybe she’s enjoying her own affectionate extra promenade.

Again, the point is that not all relationships are conventional. IF this is the case with the McGregors, traditional standards and expectations simply don’t apply. It’s a hard concept to relate to given what’s promoted as the “proper” way to love someone, but that also doesn’t mean it’s wrong.