Sorry I got a late start, but there are some wordier articles coming later as soon as I get back from the studio and get my sh-t together. Please enjoy a quick post on Ewan McGregor at the San Sebastian Film Festival today where he is promoting The Impossible. The Impossible received some very strong reviews coming out of TIFF. I spoke to a few journalists -  hi Teri Hart! – who were totally devastated after seeing it,  exactly the kind of emotion that may appeal to the Academy. The film is certainly not getting the kind of buzz of other players like Argo and The Master but with the right campaign and strategy, it could make some moves.  And that could mean Ewan McGregor on Award Show carpet – we all win.

In my experience, Ewan has always been fun and loose while doing press but when I interviewed him in Toronto a couple of weeks ago at the premiere of The Impossible he was very serious, almost intense, respectful of the subject matter: The Impossible tells the story of a family caught in a tsunami and his intention was to honor their tragic experience with the gravitas and solemnity he felt was appropriate.