This day has kicked my ass so far. Press screening for Up In The Air at 11:30am, then shoots, then voice overs, and now am finally back at my laptop for a couple of hours before heading to Clooney’s carpets – this time for The Men Who Stare At Goats.

Quick note about Up In The Air – loved. Anna Kendrick – amazing.

But this is the performance of Clooney’s career.

That article however and the wrap-up from the Jennifer’s Body screening last night including thoughts on Amanda Seyfried, Megan Fox, Diablo Body, and Adam Brody, these take longer to write. And should be written while not managing an allnighter with vodka. Will get those posted some time this weekend.

In the meantime, am now updating articles that don’t necessarily require as much… coherence.

Will blogging from my blackberry tonight too so check late today for some exclusive photos and more.

For now…

It’s our Ewan.

Ewan McGregor is in Toronto. Seen here walking around town, ready for the premiere tonight and, of course, the parties.

Seeing as I’m underslept, overbloated, hungry, with pimples, and have never had a colonic, I can’t say it’s the most opportune evening.


I’ll be on Twitter all night too – click here to read my tweets.

Yours in Grey Goose,


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