So many of you yelled at me the other day after I posted this article of Blake Lively bike riding with Leonardo DiCaprio in New York for not pointing out her allegedly fake tits. Then even more of you started yelling about all the work she’s had done to get herself to this level. You’re right. But her nose, it’s much more interesting than her breasts - thanks Kristy!

First though I’m attaching new shots of Blake in LA yesterday on a yacht shooting Gossip Girl with Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford. What do you think she says when Chace asks her to introduce him to Leo? How do you think Leo and his boys would behave if they lowered themselves to attend a Gossip Girl party? Would they meangirl the boy side of the cast and swing their big famous movie star dicks around? I need to watch this happen.

Remember when naked photos of Blake Lively hit the internet?


You don’t!!!

Your reaction just now was...

Oh yeah. That.

Because she made you forget with these brilliant moves she’s been making with Leo. See? How did she DO that?

Well, some people are convinced she did it with a few modifications. To be honest, unless it’s egregious, like Nicole Kidman, I never really notice these things. And especially when they’re so young. I mean, I’m a firm believer in the fact that people’s faces change between teen and 20s. You lose a layer of baby-ness all over. Cheeks, jaw, yes, even nose. And sometimes the before and after shots those sites use are unfair too. In one shot the person will be smiling, in the next they are frowning. It may surprise you then that I’m less quick to monkey jump all over a bitch on a plastic surgery accusation than the next gossip blogger. Which is why I always get Jacek to eyeball these things for me just in case. In this case, we both see it. Which’s pretty obvious.

Check out Blake back in 2005 promoting Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. Please pause to enjoy the AMAZINGNESS of these images. The “after” pictures are from the Green Lantern premiere just a few weeks ago. There’s a point at the end of her nose, I think, were there didn’t used to be one.


A new nose doesn’t define a playbook. There’s a lot more going on than a few cuts and tweaks. Blake is a baller. This is what I learned this summer.

Photos from and Frazer Harrison/Jason Merritt/Matthew Simmons/