Stop reading here if you can’t handle the spoilers.

Sex & the City the second movie – a few exclusive plot details. You ready?


My sources tell me that JailBait Miley Cyrus, as of this week, is confirmed to be on set for one day. Not known yet exactly what she’s playing but f-ck, it’ll make her head bigger and mashed mouth even more annoying.

Really SJP?


Am surprised Disney has allowed it. Needless to say, Samantha Jones won’t be teaching her how best to tease the shaft.

So Miley is involved …but no Posh just yet. Oh another slap in the face!

Also, Samantha gets arrested at some point and thrown in jail. And there’s a wedding…


Guess who’s performing at the reception?

Liza Minnelli.

Oh gays! It’s a happy day!

They’re still moving things around, many details will change…but that’s the early word. Oh yes, and I’m also told they’re having a very hard time lighting Carrie Bradshaw.