Sandra Bullock and Usain Bolt were both at Mr Chow last night for dinner. Some people tried to suggest that it was a date. Apparently all they did was pose for a photo together inside. Hilarious, right? Let us not speak of what happened last month at the Worlds. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen at the Olympics.

As for Sandy, a trailer for the upcoming Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close was released yesterday. Did you read it? I didn’t love it. Maybe it’s because I read Foer’s wife’s book A History of Love first. Which is so much better.

Am I an asshole if I say I rolled my eyes at the obviousness of this clip? Am I being disrespectful if I say that I don’t like the timing, the sappiness, the carpe diem-ness of the voice-over? Is that an insult to those who suffered that horrible day and still do? Or is it more of an insult to reduce that experience to a child with a tambourine and his eyes closed racing the train, as U2 rises in the background. Tell me. Because I don’t mean to be bitchy. And my natural inclination, always, is to want to support Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks. It’s just... this formulaic treatment, these Hollywood tricks, at least the ones highlighted in this preview, I don’t know how this is an honour. Perhaps it was a heavy-handed trailer. Perhaps the tone intended by Stephen Daldry - who directed the film and whose work is almost always outstanding - has been lost in the marketing.

Given the prestige and reputation of the people involved, not surprisingly, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close is already generating Oscar buzz.