One of my all-time favorite posts on LaineyGossip is Lainey’s account of interviewing Ezra Miller at TIFF several years ago—“These are TEXTILES”. And then there was the time he went to the MTV Movie Awards with a balloon as his date, and the balloon said “Nothing loves you”. Ezra Miller sounds like a neutron bomb of annoying, a pile of actorly tics and artiste clichés, like he’s the first person to ever have a Deep Thought and we’re all bovine morons who can’t possibly fathom, like, the true depths of life, the universe, everything. He’s like Shia LaBeouf amped up to eleven. I love this f*cking kid. He’s going to be GREAT for gossip.

And we’re going to have plenty of chances to gossip about him, as Miller seems to be making a concerted move into the mainstream. He’s already joined Warner Brother’s DC universe as The Flash, who will cameo in Superhero Face Punch before fronting his own film, and now Variety is reporting that he’s in talks to co-star in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The role is someone (something?) called “Kredan”. I love the Potter books and I mostly enjoyed the movies, but I haven’t kept up with the ephemera. Potterphiles, help me out—who or what is Kredan? (Lainey: Newt meets him in New York. And he’s not a muggle.) Does he/she/it wear textiles? Is he (she/it?) friends with balloons? And what do we think the odds are of Eddie Redmayne making it through a press tour with Ezra Miller without pushing him down a flight of stairs?