Duana and I laughed about this when we were deciding on how to group some of these posts. I mean, when Kyle Chandler, Connie Britton, Jesse Plemons, and Aimee Teegarden are all there, of course I’m putting them in one post and labelling it FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS…OBVIOUSLY. What was funny, then, was that Kirsten Dunst became the add-on. She’s Kirsten Dunst. She’s never, in her entire career, been an add-on. And she was great in Fargo and deserved that nomination. But now she’s dating Lance/Landry, the lead singer of Crucifictorius. So, she’s an add-on.

She may not have been, though, if I was more into the dress. The dress is fine. It’s definitely not a miss. But if we’re talking about Kiki and a black dress with a plunging neckline, it doesn’t get much better than the black velvet Maison Valentino she wore to the Golden Globes in January. That dress was magic. This dress is too similar for it to be a standalone moment. Although I liked it better than Connie Britton’s. It’s the worst shade of red. I can’t with all the sheer, lacy bits. And it’s what a producer’s wife wears to the Country Music Awards.

As for Aimee Teegarden – well, she’s breaking my heart and it’s not her fault. People grow up. So there’s no more “Julie Taylor” in her face, there’s no more “girl”, there’s no more softness. Those adolescent cheeks have given way to proper adult angles. Tami Taylor’s crying into a very large glass of wine over those lost cheeks.

And finally, Kyle Chandler presents awards in his Coach Taylor voice, right?