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If you read this site on even a casual basis, you know how much we love Friday Night Lights and that it’s a shame it doesn’t get more attention cause the Minivan loves sh-tty shows.

Lainey’s gone on about why the show is so great but I’ve never tossed in my two cents. Plain and simple, it draws you in like you’re standing there with the cast and feeling what they’re feeling. The acting is raw and real almost to a man/woman…there doesn’t seem to be a weak link in the cast. And it makes for amazing chemistry.

The other thing that the show does really well that is its execution of the football scenes. As a sports fan I can say that 95% of sports movies and shows I see, the actual sports elements within them are awkward and poorly performed. I want to yak each time I see a clip of the Mighty Duck series. This show gets it right, and if you’re looking for a reason to pick it apart and look for flaws, even this element gives you no reason to criticize.

Ausiello is reporting that the show’s producers are going to press hard some FNL Emmy love this year and the campaign has kicked off with a fan video. There’s no embed option so click this link and check it out.

Attached for the ladies: Taylor Kitsch at last year’s Cannes Film Festival promoting The Bang Bang Club and Kyle Chandler at the AFI Awards this past January.

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