Did I miss the part where they actually introduced these girls?   I mean, I know the Olympics wasn’t long ago, but we’re used to seeing them all in skintight leotards and the same skinned-back hairstyle.  It’s not like we’re at the point where there’s full facial recognition when they’re dressed like people, especially on a really, really wide shot.

That is, except for Gabrielle Douglas.  

While I thought her participation in Alicia Keys’ performance was kind of unnecessary and inexplicable (also inexplicable: Keys calling herself “Girl On Fire” – did this not seem to anyone else like it had kind of ALREADY BEEN USED?) ,  I didn’t care.   Because I was too busy mentally rubbing the noses of the other four in it.

They were mean to her, I think, at the Olympics.  “Not Overly Warm” might be a generous way to put it.   And they can claim that all the attention is because she won the gold medal, and that she would’ve been asked to lead the Pledge Of Allegiance at the DNC because of that …

…but I’d like to believe it’s because the whole world saw Gabrielle Douglas getting meangirled and was like “you know what? Let’s get her in here.   I…don’t really care for that.  She should come and hang out for a while.”  

I can get down with continuing to scrub salt in mean girls’ wounds.  I’ve been reading gymnastic bios lately, I know most of those girls’ careers are over, but I kind of don’t care.  Does this make me unstable, that I relish revenge on a 17-year-old?  Oh well.

I’m about to be even meaner – I hated all their dresses but hers, too.   See ya!