Where's G?

As I mentioned last week  when Faith Hill and Tim McGraw arrived in London with their daughters, there would have to be a visit with the Paltrow-Martins. And here they are -- Chris Martin with the Hill-McGraws with his children and their children hanging out at the park...but no Gwyneth.

Where is Gwyneth?

Is Gwyneth back at the house working on the kale salad and steamed white fish? 

One of the best parts, maybe the best part, of Gwyneth's first cookbook, My Father's Daughter, was the page of acknowledgments, essentially a list of all her famous friends -- from the Seinfelds to the B-Jays, to the Turlington-Burnes, and so many more I can't remember or google from blackberry. This time, who will be included? Who has earned inclusion? And will she be able to find a way to namecheck the Blue Ivy Carter?

Is there a recipe for what she feeds Cameron Diaz on comfort nights?

There's the GOOP food book we really want: what Gwyneth cooks for her famous friends, from Cam to Gwen to Stella to Aniston and Valentino. With pictures.