Was just doing my daily cruise of the gossip sites, and JJ has a little feature on Jason Statham. I had forgotten how frickin’ sexy this guy is!! I’m totally a sucker for the brits, and this guy has it going on.... I can totally overlook the hair-loss situation problem, cuz his body is fully rockin’ and he’s just got that “I will put holes in your wall with your headboard” look to him. Hawt. Dear Hillary, I won"t fight you for Jason. I agree, the man is FOINE. And once upon a time, I would have given up my headboard for a night with him too. But then he got dumped by Kelly Brook for Billy Zane. Billy Zane??? Damn. That"s a downgrade and I"m sorry, but in my petty little mind, it’s not a great thing to have on your resume, you know what I mean?