I don’t watch America’s Next Top Model. I have never watched it. Not even 10 minutes. But I do have a shameful guilty pleasure. A brain killer. A mind number. Because I watch The Hills. I love The Hills. Spencer is the Villain of the Year. Lauren grew a spine. And they all have the same smile.

Oh yes…and Canada loves them.

Lauren, Audrina, and Whitney were in Toronto, at MTV Canada, for The Hills Aftershow yesterday which is, sometimes, actually better than the actual show. Hate to brag about being in Canada but I’m telling you – our Aftershow kicks ass. Especially when the focus is just Jessi and Dan.

But I digress.

The point is – the cast showed up with one glaring absence. And while they were there, they managed to keep duplicating the same smile, over and over and over again.

SO California. SO The Hills…

Don’t you love it?

And check out the queue that wrapped around the building, all the way down the street. Lauren is a bigger star than Kristin will ever be.

Love it when the one I like turns out the best.

Photo credit: Darren Goldstein/MTV