Faith Hill and Tim McGraw were at the ACM Awards last night. Faith and Tim were (are?) tight with the Paltrow-Martins. I do wonder about how Gwyneth chose to inform her friends. Did she send them an alert mass-text before posting the conscious uncoupling message on GOOP? Or did Faith and Tim find out the way we did? Also, now that the tabloids are trying to make it seem like Gwyneth and Chris’s “open relationship” extended all over Hollywood, how long before someone suggests that Tim McGraw made the list?

The tabloids have been waiting on a Faith-Tim split for a while now. It’s STAR or maybe the ENQUIRER that tries every month or so to break them up. So far it hasn’t happened. And last night it seemed far from happening. They appeared to be as together as ever on stage, in the audience, on the carpet. She wore Saint Laurent – a loose fitting dress that I wonder if Hedi Slimane had originally intended for Angelina Jolie. Right? That’s totally her steeze. Except for the colour. The colour is 100% country music. The necklace? 100% amazing.