Faith & Tim: the GOOP version

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 2, 2012 16:21:31 November 2, 2012 16:21:31

As you know, I default to Gwyneth Paltrow all the time.


Look, if you want to shout me down for this...fine.

It’s just...

Faith Hill wasn’t exactly known for being the best dressed, like, ever. Google “Faith Hill rainbow Oscar dress” right now, see what you come up with. Is what I’m saying...

And in the last two years, since my G graced Nashville for Country Strong, well, Faith Hill has been decidedly UN-Nashville in Nashville and especially at the Country Music Awards. She and GOOP are wardrobe AND body twins now. Did G have anything to do with these braces?

Obviously I’m no dentist. Maybe this is required and not cosmetic. I hope it’s not cosmetic. Because I just spent several minutes looking at Faith Hill’s teeth and they were perfect. ADORABLE. Two larger ones right at the front like bunnies. The teeth I’ve always wanted... 

You know what a dental specialist told me recently? His name is Dr Uche Odiatu and I met him at a Sonicare event.  Dr Odiatu told me that it’s ironic that people are constantly wanting to file down their front teeth because having two bigger front teeth is a sign of youth. The more uniform teeth are, the longer they’ve been around and ground down, therefore OLDER.

Anyway, Faith’s two front teeth were super cute and they gave her a slight, SLIGHT overbite, which was even cuter. Like classic sexy and sweet. Really don’t want her to get rid of it...

PS. Tim’s tux fits beautifully.

PPS. Please don’t break up, ever, ever, ever.

PPS. Country blogging is SO MUCH FUN. Have to move on now to other gossip but next year, we are totally liveblogging this situation. HOLD ME TO THIS.

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