A rare candid sighting of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill with their kids in LA shopping yesterday looking at puppies at a pet store.


I don’t want to cast aspersions on this particular pet store but pet owners know about pet stores, and it's not recommended usually to get pets at a pet store, especially dogs, because of puppy mills and shady breeding practices. This is a good time I think to talk about my Marcus as I’ve received many messages recently asking for more photos.

Jacek and I, whenever we’re away from each other, have an ongoing email chain called “Your Boy Right Now” dedicated to updates on Marcus’s f-ckery.

Marcus went to the beach yesterday and was digging obsessively. I received this photo at 6pm. Miss them.

As for Tim and Faith – this is the best I’ve seen Tim wear his jeans. Hot, right? He looks very healthy. And serene. Hopefully the things that were making him grumpy – like what happened at the ACMAs – have been eliminated?

Faith’s legs look great in those shorts.

But please don’t buy a puppy from a pet store.

Photos from Wenn.com