They love Claire Foy and so do I

Duana Posted by Duana at January 30, 2017 15:33:34 January 30, 2017 15:33:34

Herewith, I eat crow:

I did not think Claire Foy was going to win, and I told Lainey as much. Yes, yes, people love The Crown, and obviously John Lithgow because that …shoulder-hump prosthetic is amazing as it is, but I didn’t think that the mousy Queen Elizabeth, who has been wide-eyed but, you know, not so much a firecracker (I’m only halfway done the series don’t yell at me) was going to inspire the love of voters in the Screen Actors Guild—though it was kind of an odd category, including Millie Bobby Brown, Thandie Newton, Robin Wright, and She Of All The Expressions  Winona Ryder. But Lainey maintained that SAG voters like British stuff, and cited the eternal love—even last night! – for  Downton Abbey.

It was on the red carpet that I started to get nervous. First of all, her Valentino dress is a goddamn showstopper, and she got to wear gem droplet earrings that I stared at the whole time she was on the carpet trying to see what colour they were. Orange? Pink? I know there are people who know what every stone is – what is that orangey gem that she was wearing? I must find it and wear its knockoff or facsimile. (Found!)

But I didn’t stare at her earrings the whole time, because I was also listening to her be charming and funny! First of all her accent is not the Queen’s, like at all, which is fun, and second, she won me over forever by scandalizing Giuliana, who asked where her Golden Globe was, with “It’s in my toilet.

That was all I needed. I’m a simple girl today apparently, but just listening to Giuliana squawk “What?” and convincing myself Foy used the non-American word for ‘bathroom’ just to mess with her, was enough to get me interested and on side. The speech – and that awfully affectionate nod to her coworker – got me over the top.

I am chastened, I was wrong. They love Claire Foy, and so do I.

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