Remember last month when someone broke into Famke Janssen’s house? The story made headlines because the only thing the burglar did was leave some f*cked up children’s book called The Lonely Doll near her bed, which is SO much worse than if an intruder had just stolen her jewelry. Well, in a hilarious and maybe even creepier turn of events, police now believe the person who broke into Famke Janssen’s house was…Famke Janssen.

The NYPD is telling Page Six that the book in question, which has something of a cult following, in fact belongs to Famke. Inside the pages were some notes, including a to-do list, they believe she wrote…presumably while reading this book…that she totally owns. Apparently there were no signs of forced entry into her apartment and they’ve accounted for each person spotted on the surveillance camera of her SoHo building.

In light of the recent ridicule of celebrities with serious mental health issues ie. that sad Amanda Bynes situation, I think it’s important to add some kind of disclaimer here. If, for instance, Famke Janssen spent the summer in a heroin hole with Sky Ferreira and suffered consequent paranoid delusions that caused her to call the cops on herself, well, then that’s not so funny. (Although, it does make me chuckle to picture Famke Janssen trying to get Sky Ferreira and Cory Kennedy to hang out with her.)

If Famke Janssen is NOT crazy or on heroin though, how f*cking funny is this? I can’t stop picturing myself in her shoes, walking into my apartment and being like “I’VE BEEN BURGLARIZED! WHO PUT THESE CATS HERE?!” and then when the cops arrive they’re like “excuse me, sir, these are your cats. Karen and Snoreen actually belong to you.”

This is Karen:

This is Snoreen:

I supposed one does have to consider that Famke Janssen is simply being haunted? Or maybe the curse of playing mutant weirdo Jean Grey has finally struck? The possibilities are very funny and seemingly endless –please tweet me @deanmcarthur what YOU think is happening to Famke Janssen!

Attached – Famke at the Deauville Film Festival.