Kate Hudson’s gold dress was worn like a dishrag. And then there’s a gold dress the way Fan Bingbing wears a gold dress. By covering it with a cape. I wish I could show you more photos of her but photographers at these events tend to ignore international stars.

But you really don’t need a lot of angles to appreciate that Bingbing understands that the MET Gala is about theatre. And this year, Chinese theatre. Like if the Empress Dowager Cixi could back in modern times, this is how she’d hold court. Cixi is said to have once remarked that:

“Although I have heard much about Queen Victoria, I do not think her life is half as interesting and eventful as mine.”

She dominated China for 50 years. She schemed her way to power in a profoundly patriarchal society. She was a murderer. She was a manipulator. She was a mother. She was a ruler. Was she a feminist? Even if you’re not Chinese, you’d watch a movie about this, right?