LOVE this dress. And it’s not usually the kind of dress that appeals to me. It’s really feminine, you know, the flowers and the fluttery-ness of the sleeves and hem...

But there’s something about this one, the colour combination, the sharpness of the deep red purple against the soft pink, pink like cherry blossoms, maybe that’s what’s happening here – the dress reminds me of cherry blossoms. I am Asian after all, and while I wouldn’t have a cherry blossom tattooed across my back, on some level, it does appeal to me. Did you know that the leading Asian dating website is called It’s the first thing that comes up when you google “Cherry Blossoms Asians”. Why is this funny to me?

Anyway, Felicity is at the Monte Carlo TV Festival promoting Desperate Housewives. Syndication money. International money. Very important. And she looks great. Really, really fit, wears the cherry blossom beautifully...

Funny how your perspective can change over time.

In 2005/2006, when Felicity was up for an Oscar for Transamerica against Reese Witherspoon in Walk the Line – well she really didn’t stand a chance, did she? How could Miss Perfect and Popular not win? Reese was campaigning HARD for it. She and Ryan Philippe had to suffer through the season together to achieve it. Which isn’t to say that Felicity didn’t want it badly too. She did. Her need was different though. You could smell it the way you can smell desperation. She was the girl who was never supposed to be invited and ended up with an invitation and started to believe, and it showed on her face, she could actually be crowned Queen.

I was rooting then for Reese because I loved Walk the Line. And Joaquin Phoenix. Today though I’d be with Felicity. Not only because Joaquin Phoenix is a dickhead and Reese Witherspoon rather humourless, but also because, since the nomination, it’s not like Felicity kept securing the movie offers. She didn’t. Not many. It played out exactly how it is in that town, something I didn’t understand then as well as I do now: she went back to being the girl who doesn’t usually get invited. And has worked hard and happily on her tv show ever since. That was likely her one and only shot. So I’m just saying, even though it’s too late, that I change my mind.

Photos from Pascal Le Segretain/