No one asked me, but Felicity Jones is my worst dressed of the night. I was hating on her dumb dress all night, and in the cold dark of one AM, I can confidently say that I still hate it. It’s a stupid dress and I assume Felicity’s stylist secretly hates her and this dress is revenge for being left off the holiday card list. The dress is Dior which makes sense because it’s butt-ass ugly, being entirely the wrong color, proportion, and length for Jones. Or any adult woman, really -  save that shorty ballerina sh*t for actual children who walk the red carpet.

Don’t get me wrong, Felicity Jones is BEAUTIFUL. Maybe even prettier in person, although in person you are confronted with her complete lack of personality, so it’s kind of a wash. But she is lovely and really should be done better by on the red carpet, but her Rogue One press tour was a pale bland bowl of oatmeal, and now she’s worn a bowl of cream of wheat to the Oscars. She was just there to present—that’s a GREAT time to take a risk!

As a presenter there is no pressure on you, so you can wear something a little unusual, and if it doesn’t work out, it’s not like the look will live on forever. Unless you wear something Bjork-swan-dress levels of crazy, a bad dress on a non-nominee is swiftly and easily forgotten. Like we will forget this dress, because it is totally unmemorable and it’s not like Felicity Jones did anything interesting last night, anyway, besides stand next to Riz Ahmed. And that will be all we remember: At the 2017 Oscars, Felicity Jones stood next to Riz Ahmed.