Maddox Jolie"s follicle protégé - isn"t Kingston cute??? Have a look at Gwen and baby out on the weekend, every hair in place and, unlike other mums, very proud to be showing off her boy. As you can see, Gwen is back in fighting form - THANK GODDESS. After all, haven"t you had enough of her ghetto clone? The ubiquitous Fergie Ferg? Gwen is due to drop a new album before the new year titled The Sweet Escape and it is expected to be a dance follow up to L.A.M.B. which is a relief indeed. Not that I would ever expect her to but I swear to Goddess I don’t know if the world of cheese could ever handle another Celine Dion and A New Day. You remember that, don"t you? The ode to Rene Charles? Hush now…I see a light in the sky… it"s amost blinding me, I can"t believe I"ve been touched by an angel with love. Did you just vomit a little in your mouth? Source