I married a Polish dude, the token non-Pole in the family – yellow skin and black hair standing out among several sets of blue eyes WITH creases and more than seven lashes on the upper AND lower lids. So after 7 years of Polification, I feel well within my rights to mourn for the marital Motherland, to lament the fact that the low classy atrocity known as Fergie has arrived in Poland and is polluting the Poles with her low classy forever fashion, possibly leading them astray. Check it out – Fergie in Warsaw collecting what appears to be a “Golden Award”. Look closely. Look first at her face. Blow that sh-t up until you can see her skin. Now is this the face of a girl not yet 32? And that’s not the worst. The worst, worst, worst HAS to be the nails. I’m no fan of fake nails, period. But fake nails like this?? Fake nails that start to curl??? Fake nails attached to seriously old-looking hands from too much drugging and drinking? So. Wrong. And So. Worried. As my husband says – My people the Poles aren’t exactly kickin’ it on the style front (himself included). So with Fergie as inspiration and without a solid department of defense to safeguard against her style contamination, will the Poles fall victim to the Fergie? I fear it will be so. Source