I don"t know where this originated but many of you emailed me last week saying you heard on the radio that Fergie is pregnant with Josh"s kid. I have no definitive information on whether or not he managed to keep from puking long enough to fertilise her moldy womb but if you really want to bump hunt, photos from her performance at MSG this weekend certainly don"t support the baby theory. And neither does her behaviour of late. Especially in public. Following the Juno Awards in Halifax a couple of weeks ago, I think I received emails from everyone in Eastern Canada, swearing up and down that Miss Mangle Face could barely string together a sentence, let alone stand up and drag herself on and off stage. The buzz is loud and apparently it"s lots of alcohol and lots of much much more…probably not a good idea for someone with her addictive past. And while I certainly wouldn"t put it past a rock star to indulge even while knocked up, something tells me she probably wouldn"t have intended to stay in that delicate condition for long anyway. Poor thing must be running from some serious demons, aside from the ones on her face. Thank Goddess for Josh though. Because never mind the onstage incontinence and backstage junkie monkey business…can you imagine how much worse off she"d be if he actually left her? Damn. If she wasn"t so revolting, I"d almost think it was quite romantic.