I do like your site and find it entertaining, but your hate for Fergie is a little over the top. You ask "who invited her"? HELLO she was with Josh and with him at an afterparty on wireimages. Yeah, think josh is a hottie too and couldn"t really see what he finds so hot about Fergie, but then again I am not a guy! But geeze I think Fergie didn"t look bad at all. And for her to wear a gown and try to look like she was a nominee wouldn"t be too cool. I think your hate for her is a little much. I did meet her once, and she was actually quite pretty in person and very very nice. I enjoy the snark about everyone including Fergie, but this time you are a bit over the top and wrong. Dear Maryann, Perhaps you misunderstood my question when I asked "who invited her" to the Globes. It was of the rhetorical variety, generally used when an answer is quite obvious but disturbing all the same. I"m sure your encounter with Fergie was lovely. I"m happy that she was nice to you. But I can assure you she has not been nice to everyone, least of all her fans. On a recent trip to Vancouver for our Grey Cup, she was a holy terror, she was disrespectful, and she shut out most of her fans for a promised special performance in favour of her own friends and tag-a-long losers. In other words, the girl is a bitch with a capital C. Which probably explains why she looks like rotting vermin on the best of days. However, since you seem to like her so much, I will say that she did look surprisingly un-revolting at the NRJ Awards in France over the weekend. Not quite palatable, but not vomit inducing either. There. Does that count as saying something nice?