I am as shocked as you are. But a few things about Fergie warmed my heart last night. First – she looks great in yellow. And whatever fillers they’re putting in her face these days are working. As you can, the improvement is undeniable, considering I can actually hold down lunch.

Word is she curbed the hard life in 2007. Good decision.

It’s the material, I think. There are no folds, it drapes so beautifully, it’s clean, it’s simple, and although her tits probably droop a little lower than they should, she looks amazing.

Even more amazing was Fergie on stage presenting an award to a Beatle. The look on her face was charming. She was genuinely humbled by the experience, as she should be. How many people have the honour of presenting an award to Ringo Starr? And how many of these Hollywood f&cks would let their egos get in the way of appreciating the magnitude of the moment?

I love her for it. Fergie on the Love List. Can you believe it?

Photos from Wenn.com