I"m loathe to bag on someone for coming clean about drug use, I"m especially loathe to bag on someone who is speaking out against the intoxicating appeal of crystal meth, quite possibly the most dangerous drug on the planet right now, both for its potency and its affordability, a drug that can cause irreparable brain damage and psychosis after just one hit, a drug that is being offered for FREE at high schools because of its highly addictive nature, guaranteed repeat customers, customers who end up on the streets, broken and alone, with lifelong mental health issues and perhaps one last ray of hope with us at Covenant House Vancouver. Fergie kicked it…our youth are still working on it… and her willingness to address her addiction is certainly beyond reproach…kind of. Because while I"m not thrilled about the convenient timing - on the eve of her first solo debut - it"s not the admission that has me irked but rather the omission of other dabblings perhaps not as debilitating but by no means any less unhealthy. Incessant reports, not just by me, but in other columns, from lock tight sources, things that can"t be explained away, occasions well publicised… I love honesty but I do hate hypocrisy, and I wonder if there"s just a little too much of that in Fergie to salvage from the Fraud List. As for her rebuttal against her critics, against you and me, against the people who blog, and those who visit blogs…or maybe it"s just Perez Hilton who asserts that he"s the sole target of the new song Pedestal… whoever the enemy, Fergie has some sharp words for the un-Fergified: "Wow, I"ve worked so hard for this, but what are you people doing other than sitting there behind your computers and talking sh*t about people? If people don"t like me, fine, but don"t criticize people if you"re not getting off you"re ass and doing something about your own life." And you know what? She does have a point. I mean, other than the fact that she pees her pants, other than the fact that you can"t look at her without the lights turned off… what has Fergie done to deserve our scorn? Has she taken away someone"s husband? Has she outed an ex husband"s drug problem? Has she undermined those with post-partum depression? Has she pulled an Alba-bitch and terrorised an entire city? No. No. No. and No. In fact, on the scorn scale, she actually scores pretty low. So I"ve decided I"m gonna try out some pr0-love for Fergie Ferg. Maybe not her face. Maybe not the incontinence, either. But unattractive tinklers need love too, don"t you think?