Like Sheryl Crow, they also participated in the red dress fashion benefit in NY on Friday. From PopSugar. So you know I"m all over the Lohan bandwagon, right? ALL over it. But when you stand next to a deformed animal like Fergie and you don"t blow it outta the water in the looks department…something is very, very wrong. I would even go so far as to say that Fergie actually looks BETTER (relatively speaking of course) than Lindsay. And that, my friends, is a damn shame. No 19 year old has any business looking this ragged and old and parched. I also don"t understand why her stylists insisted on giving her such a massive forehead, made worse by the fact that she appears to be losing hair on the top of her head, adding size to a region that doesn"t need any more. Perhaps my girl is feeling a little down because she lost her journal, the ALLEGED contents of which have been posted online. Per Gawker . , Lindsay wrote about Jared Leto"s manly parts, how welcoming Jared - all of him - into her tiny frame was like trying on a super tight pair of Jimmy Choos. This has caused friction (no pun intended) in the relationship. She also muses on a variety of other topics from tattoos to shopping to health concerns and more. Very riveting stuff. Is it true? Who the hell knows! But I for one find it not-so-shockingly coincidental that Paris Hilton decided to announce to the world she also got robbed recently, claiming to feel so violated after her personal belongings including videos and diary entries that she desperately wants to keep private, were busted out of a storage locker without her knowledge. Private??? Paris Hilton private? From the girl who voluntarily lifts up her dress to give us a full eyeball of her stinking cooch? Give me a frickin" break!