Last week I actually complimented her ugly ass. This week, bitch is back to her degenerate ways. Subtle difference but shall we break it down? You’re young and stupid, you party, you’re rolling with your crew, you hit a few clubs, you throw back several drinks, and because you’re young and stupid, you don’t eat, which means you get blitzed pretty quickly but you don’t want the night to end, so you hurl, in public, wipe your mouth off, recharge, giv’er some more for the rest of the night. For me, in university, that was like Wednesday to Sunday. You too. Don’t lie. Mischa Barton? Apparently happened a few days ago. She’s 21, she doesn’t have children, she doesn’t back out of commitments, she isn’t attacking pappies, she hates Paris Hilton… I’m willing to chalk it up to dumb youth. Fergie? One time, cool. Two times, ok. Over and over again? I think I object. Last Sunday, the Peas were scheduled to fly from LA to London, two band members were already on board when Fergie approached the gate, drunk off her tree. She couldn’t stand on her own, she kept falling over, she stank something nasty, and when she was denied entry, she became belligerent. So much so that she HAD TO BE RESTRAINED. The flight was delayed an hour so they could remove her luggage, the others went on without her while she dried out before catching another flight later. Apparently this isn’t exactly a rare occurrence. Same situation last year at the Junos in Halifax, though from what I hear, last year it wasn’t alcohol. Seen by everyone at the airport, Fergie couldn’t walk on her own – “strung out” was how it was described to me – and even though she was allowed on board, those who passed her in Business said it was like walking by a vagrant … which, if you ask me, is no way to smell or to look if you have the extreme honour of dating Josh Duhamel. Especially when your face is as mangled as hers. Girl should be taking care of that sh-t a LOT more, you know what I mean? But perhaps she’s afraid of flying? Perhaps this is how she copes? Ah yes. Perfect solution for publicist, non? Source