Sigh. A little piece of me has just died knowing that I’m about to write what I’m about to write. But … I think she looks good. Helps of course that the camera is so far away, far enough away so that the really frightening bits on her face aren’t magnified and still, in the spirit of objectivity, I gotta say the girl is fit. And from this angle actually almost attractive. And the ass is lovely. Lovelier than my own ass even when it’s encased in Spanx. Also hear she’s been holdin’ it together… unlike at the Junos last year in Halifax when half the city saw her off her tree but unlike Tara Reid, one side of her head does not appear to be falling into the ocean, which means she’s lucky. VERY lucky. Not only because her vices haven’t killed her but also because that fine piece of quiveration Josh Duhamel is sticking around…in spite of the piss and the many reasons behind it. Us Weekly