From a special event in South Africa this weekend. Now I want you take a look at her neck. If you have to, zoom in close and really giv"er on those folds. The hands too. Then consider how old she is. Fergie is only 31. I am 32. And this evening, in front of the bathroom mirror, I tried and I tried to make the skin around my neck do that. I yodeled and I screeched and I jammed by chin down to my breast plate and I screwed by head into so many different positions and I still couldn"t make my skin crumple up below chin and between the shoulder and the only explanation I have for it (other than the fact that I"m Asian and we seem to be genetically programmed to do all of our aging, like 30 years of aging, in the space of 12 months but only after we turn 60 which is why Chinese ladies don"t look old until they REALLY look old overnight) is that I"ve never been a drug addict. Unlike Fergie. Who has been a drug addict and whose behaviour of late has people wondering if she isn"t all over again. A new drug, and old habit. The rumours continue to swirl as Fergie continues to age. Ungracefully.