The going rate for Fergie’s wedding photos must have been low rate. Because it’s the only explanation behind these images. Have you seen them?

So. Sad.

Sad that the only way she could get anyone to care is by promising that she and her Josh Duhamel would get into bed together and allow themselves to be photographed tenderly.



First he’s undressing her. Then they roll around. Then his shirt is open. At the end she’s snuggled up into the crook of his arm and he’s kissing her and – so help me Rossum – HOLDING HER HAND AT THE SIDE OF HIS HEAD.

Not in jest, not to be funny, not a hoax…this is a serious photo shoot. Meant to be admired for its loving beauty.




Why this cheese???

SO CHEESE!!!!!!!

She must be poor. Like she must be running out of money. It’s the only way.

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