Rare sighting of Fergie and Josh Duhamel together – seen the other day at Taboo’s wedding in Pasadena. Her body is crazy, non?

Encouraging to see that Fergie isn’t That Girl. That Girl who tries to upstage the bride. A perfect choice for someone else’s special day: subdued, appropriate, flattering but not eye-catching... am impressed. And LOVE the MK hair. The hair no perm can achieve, though my friend Grace just told me about the “digital” perm – only available at Japanese and Korean salons.


As for Josh, many of you consider him a hot piece of quiver. He does look great in a suit...but making it on the list? Meh.

Not an exceptional actor. Generic looks. He’s on a second rate tv show and has to play second fiddle on the big screen to Shia LaBeouf. Doesn’t exactly set the loins ablaze. Just sayin’...

Photos from Flynetonline.com