They were married a year ago this past weekend and Josh Duhamel celebrated by surprising Fergie with a vow renewal ceremony on top of a bluff overlooking the ocean the other day. Apparently she was super emotional and blubbered through the whole thing and then they had dinner and flew back home. Josh supposedly wants to do this every year. Does this mean he’ll cheat every year?

Because he strayed and she forgave. And now all is right again.

It’s her choice – and always a difficult one, even more so for celebrities who have face to save and projects to promote – and she has her reasons for making it. But the marketing of their marriage as the most perfect and true... well... f-ck off with the fraud. Please. You see how it is? She was so upfront about her drug use but when it comes to getting cheated on, let’s hide that sh-t at all costs. Image making is such a complicated beast.

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