Fergives. Heh. Terrible, I know.

Josh Duhamel allegedly cheated on her with a budget looking blonde while on location in Atlanta. He denies it and did not sue, just like Chris Martin. Please.

In Hollywood however, appearances are more important. Much more important than fidelity. Or infidelity.

So Fergie has either chosen not to believe the other woman’s claims or she’s decided to forgive him. Either way, they’re putting up a united front. Here they are out for a run yesterday before the LA premiere of Nine and then again together on the carpet, publicly announcing that they have moved past the philandering.

Hers was my favourite of the 3 dresses last night with Third Lip Kidman and Penelope Cruz. But those breasts… it’s not like I mind big breasts…but hers are so overwhelming. I always forget how short she is too.

Photos from Pacific Coast News and Wenn.com