Yesterday I was at the new Intermix in Toronto looking for wardrobe for an upcoming shoot. Is it wrong for me to say I kinda want it to be chilly, just maybe for two days, so I can wear my new sweater? Anyway, what I didn’t buy was a pair of black Helmut Lang leather leggings. I felt like I was between sizes but the sales people were trying to convince me that the tight pair would work out in the end because the leather would stretch after one outing. They were actually even starting to stretch, just a little, while I was in the dressing room. But I’d had 4 sushi rolls for the lunch and the rice in my stomach wasn’t playing. So I left them, even though the staff warned me I’d regret it. And I did. All night.

Then I started work this morning and the first photo set I opened up was Fergie at LAX taunting me about those f-cking leather pants. She looks amazing. I don’t know what it is with her and leather pants air travel but on this occasion, head to toe, it’s amazing. I might need to go back to the store.

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