The bane of Michelle’s existence: sateen. Even worse when it comes to celebrities because you’d think they know how sh-tty sateen photographs.

This is Fergie today at Selfridges in London promoting MAC. Extremely unflattering. As is the high collar though I suppose it’s not fair. Because I’ve already mentioned her neck isn’t all that cute either. 

So, like, is she the best person to be schilling for a cosmetics company? 

Then again MAC hired Pamela Anderson for a campaign once upon a time too… 

Have I ever told you about the Junos a few years ago? Pam and Fergie observed to be cranked out of their minds at the parties, and Fergie stumbling on a flight out the next morning looking worse than hell? She’s apparently right in the head now, which is a good thing of course, though this is supposedly not the case for the Scab. 

Perhaps it’s a subliminal message from MAC then. Say no to drugs.

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