I really wanted the Dolce & Gabbana star print dress a month ago. Again, for TIFF. Anne Hathaway has it on for the new cover or Marie Claire UK, and several celebrities have worn several versions of it on carpets all summer. Click here to see the original on the runway, the one I was thinking of, if not for the fact that I think it might be getting overkilled now. Not that I don’t like it in yellow on Fergie last night at Teen Choice, it’s certainly the right choice for her, but I don’t know about the wisdom in the label passing out a popular item with this much regularity. It kinda makes me not want it so much anymore. Certainly not at that price tag - probably over $2,000 - for something that’s getting played out. Imagine spending that much on a dress that Jennifer Love Hewitt ends up wearing? And that’s how you talk yourself out of a purchase.

Photos from Wenn.com