Fergie showed up at LAX yesterday in leather pants this providing me with another installment of the ongoing series How Celebrities Travel.

I mean…

I know there are different standards for comfort where the stars are concerned. But a plane is a plane is a plane. And she wasn’t flying private. So you’re still sitting there, even if it’s up in Business Class, in a small space, with those pants stuck to you. Like stuck to you everywhere. And then you have to keep picking at the goddamn wedge that rides up your crack. And then – I’m about to get graphic here, be WARNED – your g-string, if you wear one, which I don’t, gets moist. After all, it’s, like, warm up in there, non? Leather pants offer no ventilation is what I’m saying.

Now some of you may counter with the quick change:

Lainey, she probably changed as soon as she got on board.

Sure. But you know the size of an airplane bathroom, right? So imagine pulling off your leather pants in that cramped space? The pain in the ass that would be? Especially if the sh-t is sticking to your skin? And she’s not wearing socks. So her feet, bare, they would touch the floor? Gross. Or maybe it’s just me.

Photos from Flynetonline.com