I hate geoblocking so f-cking much.

Which means no, I’ve only seen clips here and there of Kristen Wiig’s final Saturday Night Live. Will have to wait until I get home. And before you ask, Hulu doesn’t work either. And I’m not clicking on random streams in Europe because last year they fried my computer.

But it wasn’t only Kristen. Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis are leaving too. Though not officially confirmed, it was apparently obvious, especially for Kristen and Andy, during a graduation sketch that featured her last-dancing with several cast-members and Lorne Michaels, and Lazy Sunday 2. (I want to cry at how much Lorne loves Kristen.)

As for Sudeikis, I’m not sure if there was a specific dedication reserved for him but many of you have written to comment or question his demeanor and many outlets also described how wrecked he was, overcome with emotion, not participating in the group sing, and heading backstage early to cry his eyes out.

Needless say to, of the three departing players, Wiig’s post-SNL prospects are probably the most promising. Samberg too given that he was responsible for so much of his own material on the show. What’s the career future for a Jason Sudeikis? I like him ok. More than Will Forte, for example. But not A LOT more than Will Forte. Maybe the same as Chris Parnell. And does that mean he’ll be more or less successful? In his mind, does Jason Sudeikis see a career for himself that’s more like Will Ferrell’s or David Spade? The better question might be does everyone start with Will Ferrell dreams and end up with David Spade realities? I would be so scared leaving the safety of a regular weekly gig that keeps me comfortable. Especially in that business.