The final trailer for the upcoming live action Beauty and The Beast was released yesterday. The movie comes out March 16th. And I think we can all agree it will make so much money? Because it’s not just for kids. Grown ass adults who used to be kids will be seeing this. Grown ass adults who write for this site will be seeing it.

I woke up this morning to an email thread between Duana, our site coordinator, Emily, and Sarah going back on forth on how they feel about the trailer. It ended up at Celine Dion, as these things do. I should note though that I don’t hate Ariana Grande and John Legend’s version of the song? What’s wrong with me? I think it’s because she’s actually enunciating. Sort of.

Anyway, I’ll turn the rest of this post over to the midnight conversation:

The Beast's face is F_CKING TERRIFYING but they're teasing us with glimpses of "Be Our Guest" so I'm into it.

I’m so into this. I’ve watched it maybe six going on seven times. My tear ducts!

I have wondered this my whole life: Is everything in the castle people? Like in Be Our Guest when Mrs. Potts says, "I've had the napkins freshly pressed," has she just forced former humans to torture each other? Or are the napkins just napkins that became sentient with the curse? Like the champagne bottles--when they pop their own corks, is that suicide? Or are only the things with discernible personalities, like Lumiere, former people?

Also, after the big fight at the end, when the curse is broken, do the villagers look around and see the furniture they've been fighting have turned back into people? Like do they see dead bodies around them and realize what they've done? Or is it if you die as furniture, you just stay a pile of broken furniture?

Also also, what do you think they did with Gaston's body? Assuming he wasn't like...a pancake.

I have a lot of questions about the immediate aftermath of Beauty and the Beast.

1. That was rather enjoyable and I totally forgot I was looking at Emma Watson.

2. I guess the original had a lot of Sound Of Music imagery, huh?

3. Personally, I do not think the Beast looks scary. But he SOUNDS scary. Like, terrifying.

4.  Why did I not think of this before!? CELINE. This was the movie and the song that introduced Celine to the world. I'm actually so excited for the inevitable resurrection of everything Celine, I just got chills.

I think Celine is singing a new song for the movie. Going for the Original Song Oscar.


Celine Dion is on the best mug I have ever owned.