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Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 6, 2014 13:35:10 October 6, 2014 13:35:10

One of the things I miss most about Vancouver is shopping on Main St. All kinds of cute shoppes selling one of a kind or limited run clothes, shoes, and carefully curated collections that you won’t find in big brand stores. Garmentory is one of those places. Except you don’t have to live in Vancouver or on Main St. to experience it. It’s all on Garmentory.

Sasha wrote about Garmentory a few weeks ago. Basically the way it works is you find an item on the site either by browsing boutiques, designers, or even sorting by your size and what you’re looking for.  Once you find the item, you place a bid on it. Want to pick up a unique handmade top for under $100?  Maybe. The bidding system will tell you if you’re cheap and out of your mind or if you have a good chance to grab it at the price you want. Either way, you can submit the bid and the boutique will tell you if it’s yours. It’s a fantastic way to build a look that will be hard to copy and is distinctly YOU.

Need some incentive to try it for yourself? 

We’re partnering with Garmentory to give you a chance to win a $1000 shopping spree on Garmentory. In addition, you can also enter three weekly draws of $500 each to build your curated look. How? 

Visit our Garmentory “Build Your Look” contest page. There you will find a contest form to fill out. Fill out the details in the form and hit submit. Not hard. If you only wish to enter the $1000 grand prize draw, just check off the box to skip the weekly component before submitting your entry.   

If you’d like a chance at the weekly prizes, note the featured celebrity look on the contest page above the ballot. Then visit here and piece together your version of that look (or something totally different if that’s what you prefer) by copying and pasting the URL of the items you find into the ballot. Paste a top into the field beside “Item 1”, a pant beside “Item 2”, and so on. The draws will be random and the selections aren’t being judged, but the looks featured might give you some direction. Each week the look will change and you can enter again. 

Full rules and regulation are available here. New looks will be posted every Monday and will run through the following Sunday and you can enter each one once. If you choose only to enter the grand prize draw, you will also be able to do it once per week maximum, the same as if you were to enter each weekly draw. So if you’re really on top of it, you can end up with 3 entries for the grand prize, including one entry each week for each weekly prize.

Click here to jump to the contest page and here to go straight to Garmentory! Good luck!!

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