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Hi Sasha,

So me and my long time bf finally broke up a year ago and everyone's telling me I need to get out there in the dating scene again since it's been so long and it's time to move on. So they told me to try the dating sites or this app called Tinder? I don't go out much and all my friends are married with kids so it's not like I could drag one of them to a bar so I thought those dating sites might be a good idea? But I don't want to just meet sleazy gross men who are just looking for a good time and I think that's what Tinder is all about? What do you think? Please help! S


F-ck man, Tinder is the best invention ever. I wish I had that sh-t around when I was single. (Lainey: YESSSS! We got ripped off!) It not only casts a net wide, but S it’s the most fun game you’ll ever play. It’s like solitaire, but way more skanky. Okay, it's just skanky, but in the BEST possible way.

So I know my enthusiasm is a bit obnoxious because I get it, I have nothing to lose – I’m already a hitched bitch and I’m not the one putting myself out there, but I have to say that it does seem like the most effective on-line dating thing in a long while. And by effective, I mean that you really get a sense of what’s out there – douchebags and all. The key thing that separates Tinder from the other on-line dating sites is the stigma. It doesn't reek of the same desperation as the other sites because everyone, and I mean everyone who is single, is on this f-cking thing. Whether they're on it for casual sex, love, just out of curiosity, or for sh-ts and giggles, people are swiping left and right on that thing 24/7.

The good news S is that I already know quite a few hookups that have grown into full-on relationships. Of course, jumping on an app isn't a one way ticket to love. It may happen, it may not. But if you’re single and ready to get your swerve on, you have to put yourself out there, so I say go for it.

Safety caveat: just make sure you double up on your spidey senses. You don't have anything else to go on besides a picture. So don't get into strangers’ cars.... you know all that good stuff your mom taught you.

Thanks for writing in and you better update me! Keep your questions coming to [email protected].

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