Katie Holmes and Suri went to Nobu for dinner last night. Suri eats the miso black cod? I am impressed!

Suri spent a few days last week with her father at Disney World. According to a new article on PEOPLE today, Katie and Tom are still speaking and civil to each other, keeping Suri’s best interests the priority. They’ve apparently agreed over schooling - Suri will no longer be home-schooled - and on a visitation schedule that allows Tom to see Suri often although I hear it was decidedly tense when Katie found out about Disney World and she was very specific about the giant sh-t she would throw down if he even thought about taking Suri to the Scientology Centre in Clearwater, Florida. My source says that Tom’s reaction when Katie makes her warnings is to behave the way he always behaved when they were married - condescendingly, in a tone as if to placate her, like, OF COURSE I won’t take her there, don’t be ridiculous. Which obviously only infuriates her even more.

But you can’t spend 7 years with Tom Cruise and not learn a few things, you know? Or at least understand how they work. Katie Holmes has a plan. Katie Holmes isn’t wandering aimlessly around New York focusing on Suri’s college acceptance requirements. Katie Holmes is thinking about Katie Holmes too. And now that she’s won the MiniVan Majority’s support, her next move is to present another side to her new personality, to round out the version of Katie Holmes that will hopefully lead her to the same professional success experienced by her predecessor. Katie Holmes, Courage Mom, single woman in the city...

And who are her friends?

I’m told that’s what they’re talking about right now. As they continue to construct Katie’s post-Tom life, it’s time to populate her world with companions - like Carrie Bradshaw, only instead of hitting up the bar, they all go on playdates. Interesting enough though, it has been mentioned that Sarah Jessica Parker might not be a bad friend for her and it would make a great photo opportunity to have SJP in the front row when Holmes Yang presents its first collection at NY Fashion Week next month. Fascinating, isn’t it? They gave her friends when she was with him, they look for friends now that she’s not.