Less than two hours. Remarks are kept short. No montages. And no James Franco.

The First Annual Comedy Awards hosted by Comedy Central took place in New York this weekend. That would have been a good ticket, non? Tracy Morgan presented to Eddie Murphy. Colbert was a bitter bitch, you know, on stage with Jon Stewart. And there’s a bonus because that means – new pictures of Jon Stewart!

Other highlights: Rob Corddry made fun of Shonda Rhimes TV and Tina Fey in Date Night beat out Helen Mirren in RED for Best Comedy Actress and said this in her acceptance speech:

“The only thing I knew for sure while we were making this movie was that I was so f-cking crushing Helen Mirren at acting."

Oh and Bill Murray showed up.


Between Drake hosting the Junos and these guys making it funny, come on Oscars, you can be better. It doesn’t seem like it’s all that hard. And there’s a lot of help out there.

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The Comedy Awards will air on Comedy Central and the Comedy Network in Canada on April 10th.

Photos from Dimitrios Kambouris/Gettyimages.com