Dear Gossips,

I am one of four co-hosts on a live daily talk show in Canada called The Social. Yesterday we aired a segment that’s one of the best pieces we’ve ever done. It was an interview with A Tribe Called Red, the First Nations DJ collective based in Canada. Their new album We Are The Halluci Nation features collaborations with a diverse range of artists including Narcy and Yasiin Bey who both appear, alongside drum crew Black Bear, on the first single, R.E.D. – see video below.

Ian Campeau, Bear Witness, and Tim Hill came to promote their work and their work is about challenging, through their art, the “lingering effects of colonialism”, first by starting a conversation. It’s not an easy conversation. Here in Canada, it’s a really uncomfortable conversation. Too often, it’s an avoided conversation. Neil McDonald wrote an article last week called “Why clicking on this story about Indigenous people matters”, pointing out that non-Native Canadians simply aren’t paying attention. Let me call myself out: I am a non-Native Canadian and I simply don’t pay enough attention. With respect to many issues, over and above First Nations issues, I have been ignorant and insensitive.

But I have also been inspired, over and over again the last few years, by people who are kind and wise and woke, so woke that they have been generous enough to forgive and then patient enough to engage me in the hopes of educating me. People like Ian Campeau, Bear Witness, and Tim Hill, A Tribe Called Red. Their interview on The Social was one of the most powerful discussions we’ve ever had on our show – and it was only 8 minutes. I’ve embedded the video below or you can watch it here. As Bear said towards the end of the conversation, the point is not to get angry, the point is to be heard, and to be understood.

I want to understand. But I am also a stupid asshole who needs to be led to understanding. Ian, Bear, and Tim are leaders. As are many of you who’ve been reaching out since I started this blog, with guidance and reading recommendations, and sometimes a lot of shouting. I appreciate it so much.

A Tribe Called Red’s We Are The Halluci Nation was released today and is available on iTunes.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,