There have been teasers and posters and interviews etc, but not yet a proper trailer. Until yesterday. Yesterday the first proper trailer was released for HP 7B. Have you? If no, enjoy it here first.

This is what I always say about this series and everything that’s associated with it; I call it the Spirit of Excellence. Their objective, always, is to make it the best. If they have to they’ll spend the money. If they have to they’ll push it back. If they have to they’ll admit that they couldn’t convert to 3D in time, even though a half ass conversion job would have made them more at the box office, and release the film in un-3D (is un-3D 2D? I don’t understand the big hard-on for 3D. Whatever, you’re still sitting in a room watching a movie. They’ll never actually be able to take you INSIDE the movie, will they?). That may sound like a contradiction in terms but I see it as an unwillingness to present the product in anything but its most superior form. HP 7A was presented in the best form for its original production without disappointing the fans. It worked for the fans a LOT. This is how you service your fans. You guard the integrity of the brand.

The final film then is their last opportunity to do that, to hold up Jo’s gold, magic standard. And, if the first trailer is any indication, nothing has changed, they’ve done it again.


Very, very smart to open with the emotional centre of the story: childhood and Snape. With Hedwig’s Theme slowed down, and those heartbreaking scenes we probably all imagined when reading the book, right away it’s goosebumps and it’s a relentless two minutes of tension from there. F-cking brilliant. And Voldemort’s nasty, rotting feet, the feet of a soulless spirit. And a glimpse of Molly taking it to Bellatrix! And the light of a thousand spells leaving their wands heading to the castle. Tears over a fallen redhead, Harry’s anguished voice, Tonks reaching out her hand, the lonely face of a wizard who said “Always!”…

Oh. My. God. I am full of a cheese and corn but Harry Potter just threw down a challenge with a goddamn trailer no less and I don’t think anyone else will be able to meet it.