The first images from Alexander Skarsgard’s probably doomed movie, Tarzan, have been released and holy buckets of hell, they are so cheesy. There are two photos—one shows Margot Robbie as Jane in a dirty dress, with Tarzan creeping on her, and the other is of Tarzan’s abs. For those of you who just want the beefcake, Skarsgard is delivering. If he’s your flavor, you’ll love these photos. He’s very beefcakey. His pants are in incredibly good shape for being the only thing he’s got to wear in the jungle—let’s be real, a “grounded” Tarzan ought to be naked—and somehow he’s been able to wax his chest, too. Tarzan’s got it together for being raised by gorillas.

Since we learned that the director, David Yates, has stepped back from Tarzan in order to make Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, we haven’t heard anything new about Tarzan. It’s still (optimistically) slated for July 1, 2016. That’s Fourth of July weekend in the US, a prime bit of landscape, and as of right now, Tarzan’s biggest competition is Steven Spielberg’s The BFG. (Click here to see the first trailer for that) Unless, of course, Independence Day 2 carries well in its second week. Independence Day 2, as stupid as it sounds, has the same basic formula as Jurassic World—I’m not willing to bet against it. Of course, this could change if Warner Brothers decides to push Tarzan back yet again. I still think this has all the markings of a January movie.