You don’t have to be a fan of Friday Night Lights to get the reference. Doesn’t it look like Wonder Woman was styled straight out of a peeler bar?

Jesus, Tyra. What are they doing to you, honey?

This is Adrianne Palicki in costume as the new Wonder Woman for television. As you can see, it is NOT an improvement over Lynda Carter. Which to me is f-cked up. Because if we can’t make it look at least a little less low budget after 30 years, this sh-t is off to a bad start.

Those boots! They look like they came from a Bratz doll!

And goddamn her tits are distracting. That headband sucks too. Even Adrianne knows it sucks. Check out her expression. That is not the expression of a girl who is comfortable in wardrobe. That is not the expression of a girl who is confident about her character. That is a girl who’s like – f-ck me, I look cheap, how did this happen?

And think about it – if this is the shot they chose from a photo shoot that likely took hours and produced at MINIMUM several hundred pictures, can you imagine what the worst ones look like? Also, while I know it’s not a competition, those pictures of Minka Kelly on the set of Charlie’s Angels so far look way better than this. Angel vs Wonder Woman, coming to your tv this fall.